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Railway Sleepers

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Railway Sleepers

Revitalise your landscaping projects with Mckinney Timber’s exceptional railway sleepers in Armagh and Northern Ireland.


Our high-quality railway sleepers are crafted to add both functionality and aesthetic charm to your outdoor spaces. Mckinney Timber offers a diverse range of railway sleepers, including hardwood and softwood options, allowing you to create distinctive features such as retaining walls, garden borders, or rustic furniture.


Our sleepers are not only durable and resilient but also exude natural beauty, enhancing the character of any project.


The expert team at Mckinney Timber is dedicated to delivering precise installations, ensuring that your railway sleeper projects stand the test of time.


Choose Mckinney Timber for your railway sleeper needs, and let us bring a touch of timeless elegance to your landscaping endeavors in Armagh and throughout Northern Ireland.